Sunday, January 15, 2006

20 ways to find happiness

20 things I enjoy doing (and when was the last time?):
  1. reading (today)
  2. walking, especially in the woods or out on the great expanse of frozen lake (yesterday)
  3. gardening (summer 2004)
  4. camping (summer 2004)
  5. painting (last month)
  6. doodling (last week)
  7. walking dogs (2 hours ago)
  8. sewing (sometime last year)
  9. biking (2002? Ee-gads! Well, probably a couple times since then, but not enough!)
  10. cooking healthy, ethnic meals (? too long ago)
  11. sitting in coffee shops to hide out and write (several months ago--wha? that long ago?)
  12. taking early morning road trips (the last "fun" trip was in October)
  13. yoga (summer 2004--since anything more than a couple stretches here and there anyway)
  14. eating, eating, eating (ooh--this is a problem :)-)
  15. playing frisbee (last summer)
  16. laying on my back in the snow when the sun shines (a few days ago)
  17. playing with my dog (a couple hours ago)
  18. taking guiltless afternoon naps (it's been a long time since I've taken a nap without the guilt)
  19. experiencing art--in museums, on the street, in books, magazines.... (would like to more often)
  20. did I say reading yet? (I know I did, but I guess I've just been really hungry for it lately)
Yes--looking at this I see that there are plenty of things to do on my first artist's date. I also see someone that is both physically and mentally active. I guess I just need to work out a schedule in my life that allows me to challenge myself in ways that doesn't make me feel guilty in others.

And what's all this guilt about? That's the 3rd time I've written that word today!


Blogger Kara said...

I just checked in from the AW group. Love the name and the picture. I think all of us creative folk are jugglers of life. It's hard when a ball drops because you were enjoying another one. Ahh well.... it keeps things interesting. Nice to meet you!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Thanks for stopping by Kara! I tried checking out your blog but your profile doesn't link to it.

And, by the way, I like your juggling analogy. Oh-so true! It's nice to meet you too! :)

8:39 PM  
Blogger ArtsyMama said...

I love this list! I did one in my morning pages as well and think I will share it on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration! From one Minnesotan to another:):)

7:14 AM  

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