Sunday, January 22, 2006

artist's date: how much heaven can one person handle?

Last night I enjoyed my very first artist's date. It started with a trip to the hardware store for a drain plug--something this rented house had none of. My husband was a work. The night was mine--all mine.

In October of this past year I sold my house. It was a house that I built with my own two hands; it was my dream house. Inside of this dream house was a big claw foot tub. We didn't have a shower and so it was necessary to take a bath everyday. Yes, I could have installed a shower, but you see, I didn't want to. A bath forced me to slow down--it was the one moment of the day that I couldn't rush things. And so, everyday, I was blessed with a bubble bath.

Now my husband and I are renters. I've been taking showers instead of baths for the past 4 months. Well, showers have their perks too, but oh, I've missed taking baths! Needless to say, it was easy to decide what I should do for an artist's date. After my rendevous at the hardware store I returned home, rolled up my sleeves, and cleaned the bathroom until it sparkled.

Next came the candles...lots of them. And French wine and dark chocolate and a good book and a fluffy matching towel set and music and bubbles, lots of bubbles.

Can you say BLISS?!

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. And it was really the most amazing moment of absolute peace I have felt since moving into this new place that we're living. And I realized that, as hard as it was to leave my old place, I have moved on. I realized that I am capable of making anyplace wonderful--even a rental.

And oh, that water, those bubbles, and wine and chocolate and words was the best date I have been on in a very, very, very long time.

My husband got home with perfect timing, just as I was ready to get out. We shared a plate of pasta primavera and another glass of wine. Things have been difficult for us lately, but yesterday I think we both came to realize that marriage is not something that can be taken for granted. It felt good to be in love with each other again, to actually be able to feel that love from across the table.

I went to bed feeling so peaceful (too relaxed to even write about it!). No tossing and turning and thinking and waiting for sleep--nope, just a wonderfully warm feeling somewhere between sinking and floating. I slept deeply.

And I am thankful.


Blogger Jocelyn said...

Oh this sounds like such a lovely, nurturing date you had! Good for you! I am so happy that your date not only filled you up but also allowed you the freedom to reconnect with your husband on a deep level. I have goosebumps of joy for you!

In love and light,

10:11 AM  
Blogger In Otter Space said...

Taking care of you! Way to go. When we take care of ourselevs it allows our energy to be restored. Your time with your hubbie happend b/c you were restored. Blessings to you. Lisa

4:14 PM  
Anonymous kat said...

oooooooo. i drooled over the description of your ad. just perfect. i gotta hook myself with one of those kind of dates.

i'm so glad you are taking care of yourself, and making some new realizations. so great.

6:37 PM  
Blogger liz elayne said...

"amazing moment of absolute peace"
beautiful. i did a poetry reading in the bathtub for my first artist date. baths are the best and we should treat ourselves to them more often.

10:50 PM  

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