Friday, January 20, 2006

Dreamer of Dreams: 5 Imaginary Lives

I want to be a hawk--to circle and fly on wild blue wind currents, to hunt, to feel freedom, to feel the air pass over my face and through my feathers. I want to be a hawk-- with keen eyes and a bold heart.

I want to work with animals, and especially to train dogs for the handicapped. The woman that first inspired the notion I met while on a lay-over on my way home from India. I had just been told over the phone by my sister that my dog Japhy had died. He was my only reason for returning home, because I missed him, and the news was enough to crush me. The woman told me that another dog would someday heal my broken heart--and she was right because soon after I adopted Abe. The woman was a stranger who passed briefly through my life, but is someone that left me with the desire to someday work with dogs and to someday, somehow, share that love with others. These days my world is filled with writing and art and my students--but I remain open, if ever the opportunity presents itself.

I want to be a traveler. In my imaginary life there is a new adventure for every day. I am a nomad who has lived in one place for too long. I once read a book about a woman's walking pilgrimage of the Santiago de Compostela. These journeys-- I could dedicate my life to--forever.

I want to go back to Italy for an M.F.A. in painting. In 2003 I traveled there with my husband on our honeymoon. We decided, both of us, that we want to return. Right now I'm working on a Master's in English with plans to continue in an M.F.A. program. Words are my first love but as an undergraduate I got a second degree in Visual Arts. Painting came to me as an unexpected second lover. Now I never know what to call myself first: a painter or a writer?
I am both.

This image speaks for itself. At one point in my writing life I went on a jag of horse poems. This is one that still fits...

ensueno (reverie...)

there is a low rumbling
of a thousand hooves
and falling snow

while i write

and dreaming.


Blogger Katherine said...

When I read that you want to pursue an MFA in Italy, another blogger that I read frequently came to mind. She is doing just that in Venice. You can find her experiences and artwork at under the name cristina, or you can find a link to it on my blog. Her work and her writing have been amazing.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Blue Dog said...

lucia rae: Wow! How cool is that?! Thanks for leading to me to another inspiring soul. I look forward to reading her blog...and yours too!

12:23 PM  
Blogger liz elayne said...

I love this insight into your 5 lives. Fantastic.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous kat said...

wow, i love how you've described your 5 lives here with pictures and poems. absoulutely wonderful!!

1:34 PM  
Blogger melba said...

What a great post with fabulous pictures! Thanks for the slice of your imaginary life.

3:01 PM  

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