Sunday, January 15, 2006

what to write where?

I have a recurring problem in my life--and that is stretching myself too thin. Today was a good day spent catching up on reading in The Artist's Way. It has been several years since I last picked up the book and I felt I deserved giving myself the time to refresh my memory if I'm going to devote my time and energy to this.

And now it is already 5:30 at night in a northern Minnesota winter. The light is draining quickly from the sky and I'm beginning to feel guilty because it's time to walk the dog.

But about stretching myself too thin... I have another blog that I have been dedicated to on a daily basis for the last couple years. I also have paper journals that I have been dedicated to my whole life (although less now that I blog). Now I have this blog--which I created specifically for AW in order to give me breathing space and protect my anonymity. I want to be able to write what I am thinking without worrying about what the day-to-day people in my life think about it. Not to mention, if feels really good to have joined a community of SUPPORTIVE artists and thinkers. I've created this blog to create a balance in my writing life, yet I find myself still needing to figure out what I want to write where. For AW do I want to write my morning pages here or in my journal? Am I asking you or myself?

I don't know, but even in writing this I feel myself breaking wide open, bursting at the seams! There's so much I want to write! Oh--how long have I been holding myself back?
The answer: much, much too long.

Ok--so I'm not sure where I'll write anything. But there's only one thing I'm promising myself...and that is to NOT HOLD BACK!


Anonymous donna said...

I'm having the same problem this week, with way too many things going on. I have two blogs - one for myself, one collecting articles and stories about native plants. I have my morning pages journal, a notebook for class notes, ddrawing pads and watercolor paper galore, an entire bag of art supplies hanging out on the floor, and look! Here's another so-far empty sketchbook I'm not even sure where it came from...

Oh well, at least we have lots of options, hmm?

7:20 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I'm also prone to having too much going on - it sure can clutter things up. As for the morning pages - that's entirely up to you. I'd keep them in a journal, personally, since we're advised not to share them with anyone or even reread them for the first 8 weeks. It just seems easiest - they're not meant to be put out for public viewing - but as Kat has often (and accurately) said - we're supposed to use this creatively. So obviously if you want to share them you can - but if you don't strongly want to, a private journal seems likeliest.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous kat said...

it is hard to balance everything. i think it's wonderful that you have this space to write about your aw experiences freely. i think you're doing great. :-)

12:03 PM  

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