Sunday, February 19, 2006

looking back at week 6

It's after midnight and I should be in bed because in a few short hours I'll need to get up. The sub-zero temperatures did a number on both my husband and my cars. His car needs to be towed because of a gas leak. Mine, who knows, but it will have to wait until Monday to be serviced. Cars and ultra-cold do not mix. Needless to say it is causing a bit of stress--stress that neither of us need right now. Between that and family and travel--tomorrow is spoken for. This, right now, is stolen time. I drink chamomile tea to ease the knots running up and down my back.

This week I felt really focused with aw because I kept finding abundance every time I turned around. It was nice to notice all the good things for a change--and a perspective I'll try to maintain. However, looking over the "tasks" I see that I really wasn't as focused as I thought because I did notta-one of them except #8: make a change in your home environment. I think I did my morning pages 4 or 5 out of 7 days. It's felt spotty this week because I haven't been getting out of bed as early...because I've been staying up later that usual. I find that I don't like to write my morning pages when I'm tired. And I'm a morning person--so when I say I'm tired it's because I'm honest-to-god tired and writing is not a magical antidote for it, even if I wish it was.

When I look at the "check-in" I'm bummed that I didn't use any of my mp's to "think about creative luxury" for myself. But whatever I did, I must have enjoyed it because my journal is almost full already! And I only started it a few weeks ago! Granted, it is made out of thick water color paper, but...the end? Already?! I like journals like that. I get to the end and move on before I get sick of myself. Anyway, lately I've been missing the dedication to my mp's like I had in the first couple weeks. I want it back. It was the one moment of the day I could count on. Yes, I want that back.

As for the artist date--well, I got a passport application but it's still sitting in the front seat of my car. I've sorely neglected myself this week. And it shows in my tired eyes.

As for the rest...I'm afraid it's going to have to wait. I'm fading fast. Hopefully that means I'll sleep well. I feel wore out.


and happy week 7--Recovering a Sense of Connection--it comes with perfect timing.


Blogger Jana B said...

A filled journal! Wow!!! I can't wait to get to that point, I don't think I've ever filled a journal before. (Yeah, I know what that says about me LOL)

A journal of watercolor pages? Where do you find those? I would like to try watercolor but I have no idea where to find good paper for it.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Blue Dog said...

janabanana--thanks for your comment. i got my journal from a local artist who binds his own books. i love his books because they're small with not too many pages. they fill up fast. i have his e-mail if you're interested but i've also seen some really cool artist books through utrecht and dick blick. both are art supply companies that you can google to find their on-line catalogue. they have books AND loads of nice paper if you wanted to make your own.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Jana B said...

Oh wonderful!!! I requested a catalog from each of those companies you mentioned... hopefully soon I'll be able to browse through and see what they've got! :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Colorsonmymind said...

I just found your site through Bohemian Girl.

I am about to start the artist way. I heard about it a few weeks ago and have done MP a few times and really got a lot from it.

Really enjoy your blog:)

3:59 PM  

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