Saturday, March 04, 2006

Checking in on week 8

What do you mean checking in?! I haven't even finished reading the damn chapter! Oh, but I'm going to. Reading is my favorite part of all this. Right now I'm working at the gallery. There's a new show up and I am feeling in love with it--it is butterflies! Beautiful colors. I walked in and instantly felt at peace. There is so much emotion in this show. I forgot my camera today, but can't wait to post some of the images to share.

Anyway, AW has fallen by the wayside these past 2 weeks. This past week I've only done my morning pages 3 times. I have to remember to give myself a break though. I'm still coming out of being sick. I can see already that I've lost the habit of getting up early, going upstairs, and writing--no matter what. I'm going to have to retrain myself. I miss it...and I look forward to getting back into the groove. I've been neglecting that part of myself. When I do sit down to write I feel overwhelmed by a flood of thoughts that I want to get down on paper, but don't have time for. I feel the same here on my blog. I can't seem to keep up with myself.

I actually did go on my artist's date this week...although I didn't call it that at the time--actually, I went on two and I wrote about it yesterday--going shopping for some new clothes and getting a hair cut. It was money well spent and it felt good taking care of myself in that way. Clothes and hair doesn't change anything on the inside, but it sure feels good on the outside. In a way I feel like I'm preparing myself for the next stage in my life...and I am looking forward to this change. Not to mention, when I got my hair cut, the stylist gave me an incredible scalp massage as she washed my hair. It was so relaxing, I felt like I was in heaven.

As for synchronicity--this is something that I've been having a hard time writing about all along. This week, like every week so far--I've experienced incredible amounts of synchronicities--so many, that I find it difficult to know where to begin. In the past 3 hours the synchronicities in my life include this incredible art exhibition of butterflies and a phone call from my landlord.

significant issues? Would I be repeating myself if I mentioned that I'm finally starting to feel better? Or maybe that falls under synchronicity since week 8 happens to be about recovering a sense of strength.

And my husband and I finally decided what our next step into the future will be. We're moving. Definitely. I find myself having visions of myself and us in this new place. And I can't wait. These imaginings have a way of coming true--with uncanny consistency.

Ok--but I'm going to quit this post here. There is just too much to say. I'm just writing...not trying to be perfect or interesting. This is it. These are my scattered thoughts--but only the surface of them. There's more. I feel like I'm going to spill over.

I am.


Blogger Leah said...

yes, you don't need to try. i love your sharing, pure and fresh and just as it is. xoxo

11:11 AM  

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